Child Abuse In Foster Care

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A big problem in the system that they fail to see is abuse. Abuse can be done emotionally, sexually and physically also mistreatment and neglect, all done by these certified state caregivers. cites the "troubling statistics from one study, claiming that over 28% of the children in state care are abused while in the system"(2017). There are many stories of abuse, and the abuse comes from the foster parents. We expect the children to be placed in safe homes. Instead, these children are being placed in homes that are traumatizing them with a voice not heard. A recent study done by a student at John Hopkins University found the rate of abuse was four times higher than that of the regular population. A foster child Amy stated…show more content…
Separations can be from siblings, relatives, and other foster parents. When children go into foster care, and they do have siblings, it 's not always guaranteed that all siblings will stay together. According to the Child Welfare Gateway, "only 23% to 46% out of 10,000 or more children replace with all their siblings"(2016). This being two-thirds of those children were pleased with at least one; this means that if the child is lucky enough they 'll be able to stay with one of their siblings. Other key factors associated with separation between siblings was that larger groups were often split up, if there was an age gap, between boy and girls. Another factor is that social workers did have harder times finding homes that are willing to open up to foster siblings. Waln Brown, Ph.D. stated in his analysis article, The psychological consequences of separating siblings in the foster care, “The experience of been separated from family and placed in the care of strangers leaves a bloody scab that may never quite heal.” (2017). This means that the effect of being taken out of a home is traumatic on the child let alone taking away their siblings makes the situation worse for…show more content…
I feel that if the system is more involved with the homes where foster kids have placed the rate of abuse will go down. Stricter rules such as background checks when a person applies to be a foster caregiver to ensure that they don 't have a misdemeanor felonies, etc. will at least make sure its safe for kids to be in their care. It is proven that some foster parents do have criminal records a.k.a. “rap sheets” (Boston Herald, 2017) a well-credited news website. This means that child services agencies of these commercials take care of children just to get a paycheck from the government and possibly not even taking care of the

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