Solutions To Stop Child Abuse

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How many children are killed everyday from child neglect or child abuse in the United States? More than four children die from child abuse or neglect everyday. Children are dying from child abuse, but if people educate younger children in the future they will not abuse drug and alcohol which is the cause of child abuse.
Everyday four or more children die from child abuse or neglect and this a serious problem. Child abuse is when a parent or caretaker causes non accidental physical injury. There are many types of abuse, such as, sexual, physical, emotional, and child neglect. 28.3% of adults are abused as a child. Types of physical abuse are kicking, burning, whipping, choking and even death. According to researchers, ¨ At least 106 countries
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Educate people about how bad child abuse is and why people should never purposely hurt their children. Schools should start educating their students at grade 5 to grade 12. They should educate their students about drugs and alcohol because drugs and alcohol are the number 1 cause of child abuse. “ By educating yourself and others you can help your community prevent child abuse”(9). By educating people, they can educate others and tell them how bad child abuse and drug and alcohol problems really are. After teaching students about drugs, alcohol, and child abuse maybe most of it will stop in schools. There could be less bullying and less verbal abuse at schools. Another solution to child abuse is discipline children thoughtfully don't hit them. Also parents can encourage their children to have good behaviour or treat children the way people would like to be treated. Some students in middle school and high school already drink alcohol. Most students would not listen to the teachings but if they did they would see how important it is. Also child abuse causes a lot of expenses as stated, “ 1 year of confirmed cases of child abuse or neglect is 124 billion”(11). Child abuse causes countries to waste over 100 billion dollars. Which could be used to buy food to solve world hunger or to The Child Protection Services Department to make new homes for abused children. If someone see child abuse, always report it right away. Once…show more content…
Something that cause child abuse ae having a bad temper or a low self esteem, but some effects are suicidal behaviour or poor development in the brain. Children are dying from child abuse but if people educate younger children, in the future they will not abuse drugs or alcohol which is the cause of child abuse. As a member of society people need to be educated at ( also people can donate to ( by doing these things people can help get rid of child
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