Child Abuse In The Glass Castle By Jeanette Wall

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The 3 Wall’s children were frequently in harm’s way, therefore child protective services would have found a number of very serious situations.

Raised in a neglectful household, Jeanette Wall’s authored a narrative of the abuse she has received. The Glass Castle shows experiences, accidents, at the moment of encounters with never-ending abuse. Although Jeanette shares the suffering her parents had handed her throughout her childhood, she also paints a picture of an emotionally caring family; thanking her mother for believing in art and truth; thankful for her father for dreaming big dreams, always wanting to be the father that his children can rely on, making sure they can use imagination in replace of material joy. Even in the mistreatment …show more content…

Rex held his dead daughter in his arms, screaming in disbelief, no one he could go to. The 9-month-old daughter that resembled Rex through her charcoal black hair, and chocolate brown eyes, Mary Charlene was gone. Rex had nothing to reach out to for support because Rose Mary decided to push the pain and thought to the back of her mind, letting go by forgetting; page 27 shares the response of Rose Mary explaining that Jeanette was to replace Mary Charlene; only as a way to cover the pain with a thin coating. The pain Rex received was beyond temporary or a replacement, all he could do was mask the pain through alcohol. The pain Dad held in his heart never released, he temporarily hid the pain through alcohol. The abuse is given to the children derived from Rex’s alcoholism. Losing jobs, wasting money every night on beer and hard liquor, and prioritizing alcohol over his family’s safety, never without an excuse or lie up his sleeve to make up for his absences. Alcohol ruined special moments with the family. On page 114, the children hid bottles of alcohol away from Rex for the prevention of harm. On page 115, Rex “stocked up” on beer and hard liquor. His reasoning: the bar would be closed, as it was Christmas day. Rex could not produce his own happiness, he received it from alcohol. Christmas day he had started drinking his first beer at 8 am, becoming so drunk by evening, his mind reasoned him to throw a match into the tree; but he was happy. Laughing around their suffering, he ruined the Wall’s first decorated

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