Child Adoption Effects

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Have you ever wondered what the effects of adoption has on a child? Many children will have long term emotions about their adoption when they find out. Some may feel like they do not belong or like they are meaningless. Children may feel grief or lost in this world due to the adoption and unable to ask about their birth family because they do not want to disappoint or make their adopted family upset in any way. Adopted Children will feel grief, loss and they will also suffer long term, physiological, as well as have trouble tracing their history(LHAA). When a child is adopted there are several effects that happen to the child. The feeling of grief for the loss of the relationship between the adoptee and their birth family. These relationships…show more content…
Some of these effects can include a struggle with their self-esteem and finding out their true identity. The adolescents who was adopted may at some point in their life time wonder why their birth parents gave them up for adoption as well as what their birth family looks like, how they act, and what genetic factors they inherited from them. An open adoption arrangement may still bring up these emotion, but the child and adopted family can normally still find a way to build a relationship. Although when an adopted child feels like they would want to do something like build a relationship or ask questions about their birth family they may feel like they are going to betray their adopted family and not ask…show more content…
Several long-term and emotional effects will affect an adoptee at some point in their life and they will have to learn how to deal with it. There will also be hard times where they do not know where they may be going in this world. Figuring who they get certain features from as well as learning who they are will be troubling at times. Medical and history may be hard to find in certain situations and many times there will be an uneasy feelings when certain questions are being asked. Adopted children may struggle at times with behavioral issues, but they may also perform just as well as the rest of the kids in their grade. Adopted children are great joys even with all the flaws they may

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