Child Beggars Argumentative Speech

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Before I started my final presentation I have some questions for you all. Have you ever give your money to these child ? child who are dressed in dirty smelly clothes, shoeless like this. Should we give money to them ? . Today I standing here to convince you. don’t-give-money-to-child-beggars. Some of you might wonder why we shouldn’t give money to them. All I want to tell you is because we hurt more than we help. After my presentation let’s see is it correct or not. I’ve divided my presentation into 4 main part.The first part the reason why I choose this topic. The second part is information you have to know about child beggars.The third part is how we can do with this problem.The last part is example case in Thailand. So let’s get started… The first topic is the reason why I choose this problem for my final speech. Nowadays, child beggars is a massive problem around the world such as in Hong Kong, India, United state and this country Thailand. I think this topic can related to everyone because you can meet them every where and anytime such as at skytrain, bus station, overpass or footpath. For me, I stops giving money to them since I was in grade nine. Because in that time I read article about this problem by Thai writer, Roundfinger. Almost nine years pass this problem still occurs so I think i want to share this problem and encourage you stop doing that as I do. The second topic I will tell you is information…show more content…
You might be bored of hearing these phrase but I’ll repeat it again and again .You might meet them anywhere and it’s all depend on you. Giving them money, we only encourage the cycle, put future children in grave danger. Not give money doesn’t mean we have to turn our backs on them. We have many ways to help them like you see Fill’s case. So please remember you should never give money to child beggars not even the cute ones ,the disabled ones please leave those coins in your

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