Child Care Center Administrator

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The career I chose to research is a Child Care Center Administrator. A Child Care Center Administrator is known to be in charge of toddler-aged programs or daycares who share the academic or non-academic requirements. He/she has to be able to love children and be able to work with them while also being able to take care of the business side of the Child Care Program. Some duties that the administrator may hold is monitoring a child’s progress of intellectual and emotional development and assist anyone who has a concern with the program or building. Before each “child care season”, the Administrator has to set certain goals and expectations that they want their students to obtain by the end of their session. It is important for the Administrator…show more content…
You can go into anything from Business Administration to Social Work to become a Child Care Center Administrator. You generally have to only complete two years (Associate Degree) in the broad areas of study to get into this career, but the more you become qualified, you will have a higher paid salary and the likelihood of you becoming more successful is easier to obtain. The most beneficial majors for this career is Child Care Worker, Child Development, and Early Childhood Education. It would be highly favorable if you got into child care working beforehand to get a sense of what it is like to run a child care service. An easier way to become a Child Care Center Administrator is if you become recognized by the Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) that is offered by the National Early Childhood Program. There are many programs out there that are nationally recognized to work with children. With being recognized through these programs, it helps you and your program to be better known by those who want their children in the best possible care. Many states have their own requirements of licensing when it comes to childcare centers. A huge part of the licensing program is to have background checks and to teach the future staff CPR or what to do in case of emergencies. It is also mentioned that many different careers could be used from the same majors that also deal with helping children. You could become an elementary school teacher with only a bachelor’s degree, a teacher’s assistant that only needs a few years of college, and a childcare worker that only requires a high school diploma. This career is very much like being a principal for a school but for toddler-aged
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