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Child Care: I have had a significant amount of experience in child care, specifically as both a counselor and as a coach. In respect to being a counselor, one of the most significant experiences I have had was working for three years as a Walker Creek Outdoor Education Ranch Cabin Leader. Walker Creek is a week long overnight camp where I would stay overnight with and was in charge of the 24 hour supervision, safety, and overall well being of a cabin of twelve sixth grade girls along with the rest of the campers in attendance. In addition to leading and supervising the children of the camp, I also had general program responsibilities such as kitchen duty, cleaning cabins, leading activities, etc.. My first experience as a counselor was when at fourteen I worked as a junior counselor with another volunteer and an adult counselor at one of my town’s local camps, Camp Putah. Together, as a team of three, we were in charge of a group of twelve or so children, ranging from seven years of…show more content…
Sports: I have played soccer for the past 14 years of my life at various competitive levels, in addition to also playing volleyball and softball up to the high school level. I feel extremely comfortable both in teaching and participating in team sports while at camp. Growing up, sports was a huge part of my life and has given me so much. When I was twelve I broke my leg playing soccer, one of the most devasting events that has occured in my life to date. My injury took me nearly two years to recover with surgery, physical therapy, and many mistrials, but eventurally I stepped back on the field. However, the only reason I was able to step back on the field was due to the compassion of my soccer leagues commisioners and coaches who allowed me to enter teams later and playing down at my phyiscal age group instead of my biological one to allow me to relearn how to move my body in an athletic way. Sports helped me heal and grow and I would love to spread my love for atheltics to

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