Child Custody Analysis

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The division of assets in a divorce is riddled with conflict, the value often varies according to the assets relative worth to each of the parties. Although divorce is stressful enough, even more painful is the determination of custody as children are not assets and cannot be divided. During divorce, children have already been affected by the divorce, and could be further impacted by a custody battle. Attorneys and courts are in constant battle to determine which parent would be the better primary caregiver and custodial parent. The legal system and psychological associations have come up with many ways to evaluate and help the legal process with the determination of child custody. A Custody Evaluation, is a formal investigation that attempts…show more content…
The primary purpose of a child custody tests are to assess the individual and family attributes that affect the psychological interests of the child. The child’s interests and well-being are the most important factor of the child during a custody battle. The focus of the testing is on parenting, and the psychological and developmental needs of the child. While trying to decide what is in the best interests of the child, the psychologist will also assess the parenting abilities of the parent who is most likely to be chosen as the primary custodial…show more content…
During high-conflict divorces, the parties may not have the ability to work with each other, even for the good of the children. It is also seen in families where domestic violence has occurred, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of a child custody evaluator in the issue of custody arrangements. In these and other situations, the use of psychological testing assist the evaluator to attempt to determine and review the psychological make-up of the parties, their possible personality deficits, and their potential for distortion or outright lying. Psychological testing may also allow the evaluator to learn more about the parties' personality traits, how these traits can affect their parenting styles, as well as how they may impact upon interactions between the parents. This information becomes useful when the evaluator is called upon to make recommendations to the court with regard to custody, visitation, and assist in developing a general parenting plan for the

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