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Child Custody Mothers should have custody of their children because mothers are better nurtures and care takers. The bond between the mother and child is imperative for healthy development. Separation from the mother causes trauma for both the child and mother. Health and wellness is vital in the life of the mother and child. When trauma takes place caused by separation, health and wellness is at risk of being interrupted. Child custody is a touchy subject that deserves close attention. Let’s take a journey. Imagine that you are exercising regularly, eating healthy, and drinking half your body weight in water. You are caring for your body very well, being healthy is your passion, but at your annual physical, the doctor looks at you and say,…show more content…
It is necessary that you understand your rights, focus on health and wellness, and become connected to a positive community. These steps are the first steps to surviving the aftermath of losing a child custody battle and regaining a sense of calm. After a person takes time to collect their thoughts, they need to seek council to get a clear understanding of what just happen. Decisions have to be made and the most important decision a person can make is to choose love over hate. In the words of Doctor Martin Luther King “I have decided to choose love, hate is too great a burden to bare.” (King) In this paper I will be addressing child custody loss, and how to survive the pain of losing a custody battle. Custody battles are messy, expensive, time consuming, painful, and just one of the most horrible experience a person could ever go through. The fact of the matter is that it is a very traumatizing ordeal. “Some women spoke of this period in analogies of a “Collapse of the Universe” or an “End of the World.” (Kenny 1161) These powerful words were used to describe the horrifying experience, and to express how their children represented their life, routines and identity. “All which were suddenly missing in an event described by one participant as feeling a complete loss of control over one’s life.”…show more content…
One, judges and attorneys tend to dismiss irrational parents.” Two it’s more difficult for angry parents to make good choices and remain focused while preparing for court. (Taylor 2) work out the day of court, working out helps with the anxiety. Collect data, document everything, research, on the days you feel like crying all day and staying in bed get up, and keep moving forward. Surround yourself with family and friends. If you don’t have family or friends at the time of the unfortunate event, join a support group. Start going to the park, take walks in nature. Read a book. Write a book. Join a church. The pain of a custody battle is real. The entire experience is overwhelming and terrifying, but is it possible to survive. Keep in mind that even if a person loose a fight, the war can still be won. In the words of Rosa Parks “you must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” What does not kill us will only make us stronger. Threw the power of Jesus, you can keep your mind intact. Grab the nearest bible and stay calm. Follow the New Start eight laws of health. The Eight Laws of Health Are proper nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, air, rest, and trust in divine power. The ability to move past the pain and grow is within reach. If you or someone you know is suffering from the pain of a lost custody battle

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