Child Delivery Observation

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My rotation of Labor and Delivery involved a laboring 40-year-old mother who was experiencing the birth of her fifth child, a girl. The patient had no significant medical history, with the exception of 2 spontaneous abortions. Her pregnancy was uneventful, and she was 39 weeks’ gestation at the time of her induction. Her labor progressed extremely rapidly; less than 5 hours from the start of induction, to the birth of her baby girl. My mother was strong in her religion of Catholicism, which I observed several times by witnessing her and her family support system in prayer throughout the laboring process. Privacy was a main focus for my patient, she seemed uncomfortable at times during procedures, so I assisted as much as possible to maintain her privacy when appropriate. Her support system included dad, big sister, and grandmother present at the bedside throughout the entire birthing process. Each were extremely hands on, offering comfort, support, and praise to mom. Prior to delivery, my nurse and I provided mom with instructions on peri care after delivery, immunization information for Baby S, and also lactation information, as mom had expressed the desire for exclusive breastfeeding. Throughout the laboring process, frequent contact with her Physician, and anesthesiologist was made to keep the team updated on her current…show more content…
The family was very welcoming and allowed me to be deeply involved with their care, mom even insisted that I hold Baby S before I departed. My nurse encouraged and guided me throughout every step, and I was able to soak up so much knowledge during my rotation. She even provided me with tips on what the best approach is to begin working in L&D. This experience has left me with a feeling that I have found my place in nursing. It was such an honor and a privilege to be a part of one of the best day in someone else’s life and to assist in providing them with such an amazing
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