Child Development Case Study Nursing

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Annie lives with her mother, father, and maternal grandparents. Of the family members living in the home, her mother is the primary caregiver. During the school week Mrs. Bolton wakes Annie up and help her get ready for school. She assists Annie by helping her brush her teeth, button her clothes, making her bed, and her morning grooming. This includes washing her hair, checking her appearance, and ensuring that her outer appearance is presentable before each school day. Once Annie is dressed she eats breakfast; however, on mornings where Annie is running behind schedule to she eats breakfast at school. Annie is transported to school by bus each morning. The bus picks her up and drops her off at the door of her house, because of previous transportation accommodations. After school Annie completes her homework with the assistance from her mother and then is allowed to play with her…show more content…
Annie 's mother reported that Annie becomes excited when she learns new subjects and activities. However, Annie 's mother said that her competence waivers when she is presented with something that is difficult and and she is not able to understand the material. When faced with an obstacle she hesitates to ask for help or she immediately says that she does not know the answer. Annie 's physical development is developmentally appropriate in reaching milestones. She has experienced no major incidents that would affect her health, nor does Annie have any noteworthy allergies or illnesses. She was prescribed Concerta, for ADHD, September 3, 2014 by Margaret Ellis McKenna, MD. Overall, Annie appears to be a healthy nine-year-old with no noteworthy physical problems. In previous testing, completed by Thomas K. Pedigo, Ed.D, MSCP, ABMP, BCN Annie was administered the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS). The RIAS measured Annie 's nonverbal and verbal intelligence through various subtests. Annie 's evaluation was completed on March 16, 2016. Results from the RIAS are
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