Child Development Center Observation

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I feel that MSJC child development center demonstrated developmentally appropriate practices. Our text defines developmentally appropriate practice in three components, age appropriateness, individual appropriateness, and social and cultural responsiveness, page 6 of Beginning Essentials in Early Childhood Education, Gordon/ Brown, 2016. I observed the three and four-year-old classroom, half of my observation time was spent in the playground and the other half in the classroom. Per our text on (page 30) play is the primary context in which young children learn and grow. MSJC development center accommodates an appropriate environment for children to learn and grow through structured and unstructured play. Developmentally appropriate practices for preschool movement programs states that toddlers should participate in one to several hours a day of unstructured physical play as explained in our text on (page 19). Their daily schedule allows for outdoor play on three separate occasions throughout the day,…show more content…
According to our text on page (189) materials and equipment need to be age appropriate and with a wide range of skills. MSJC development center supplies child size furniture that are age appropriate, the reading section had small couches and easy reach shelves with books for preschoolers. Toys and equipment in the playground that are at child’s skill levels, and activities in the classroom that allows children to use their imagination and curiosity. There were plenty of open/closed materials and activities for children at different skill levels. Puzzles, board games, legos, blocks, tinker toys that challenge children’s skills and allowed for growth. Teachers were aware of each child’s developmental level and adjusted their environment to accommodate to their needs. Teachers would sit on the ground with the children to assist or encourage age appropriate

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