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In the United States about one in six or sixteen percent of children between the ages of three and seventeen have one or more developmental disabilities. With such a high rate one must wonder what causes these problems to happen to so many children. Child development is affected by many things including poverty, parents, and abuse.

There are four types of development, physical, cognitive, emotional, and social. Physical development is the growth of gross and fine motor, skills. Gross motor skills are walking, running, throwing, and crawling. Fine motor skills are writing, holding a fork, and using scissors. Physical development is also the easiest to see. Cognitive development is the development of the mind. This development includes learning
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Children born to single parents are at a greater risk of poverty, family instability, poor health, along with social-emotional problems than those who are born to married parents. In addition, children of single parents have, generally worse development in educational, social, cognitive, as well as behavioral outcomes, than those of married parents. Furthermore, absence has been negatively linked, to the social-emotional development. But, children of an unmarried parent that live together are at the greatest, a risk of family instability, then both single and married parents. Family instability has negative associations with child outcomes. And these children are more, likely to drop out of high school as well as having low educational attainment and occupational status. Parents' relationships affect children and in some cases cause problems in their…show more content…
A lot of the effects of sexual abuse overlap with both physical and emotional abuse. All three share the possibility of depression and PTSD. And, physical injuries can be seen, with physical and emotional abuse. In addition, sexual abuse shares, consequences of self-harm and insecurities, with emotional abuse. But, sexual abuse also has its own, consequences aside from the ones it shares with physical and emotional abuse. These include sleep difficulties, poor self-esteem, school problems, and distorted sexuality. Because sexual abuse has, some of the same effects as physical and emotional abuse some say that it affects children the

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