Child Development Problems

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Early detection, children with development problems
Gordana Panova ,
Faculty of Medical Sciences University Goce Delchev - Stip
Introduction: The paper reveals uncommonly examined aspects concerning the specifics of the motor development in the children with autistic spectrum disorders and the problems regarding their diagnostics and therapy. Purpose: The problem of early detection, diagnosis and correction rehabilitation of children with development problems takes great importance and actuality , because of the variety of forms and dizontogenezata maternity reasons .Material and methods: The methodology is built on the principle of faktors analysis , where the units of measurement are themselves mental processes ( memory , speech
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Psychology recognizes the leading role of learning impairment , but is a proven fact that not all types of learning have very important effect .Psychological - pedagogical experiments show decisive role in learning orientation on action . Learning with on a regular training skills and habits not give a meaningful result . In practice , the study of patients with local brain damage demonstrated a second important fact , but is most effective learning that is directed not only to the weaknesses ie damaged , but the strong , good units, mental activity . Basically success is obtained by implantation of new afferent and new brain structures , which have previously participating in the implementation of mental deficiency function . From this perspective , it is important to gain the child greater ability for analysis and processing of information , where the maximum touching filled units of psychological and brain activity . Right measurement, theoretical of this approach is established from the data for the high plasticity of children's brains and his large compensation opportunities .Complex neuropsychological research of high mental functions in childhood.The overall assessment of the situation of higher mental function in children applied for the analysis of school readiness , identifying the causes of problems or risks in learning from them. Complex neuropsychological diagnostics allows to detect deficits in high psychic functions as a whole , as well as the specific deficit in the specified components . This allows the selection of a proper strategy and organize appropriate assistance . The question of the structure of higher mental functions is extremely important for its solution depend
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