Reflection About Childhood

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In today’s world, the concepts of child and childhood carry more importance. Child can be defined as a person at young ages. And, childhood is the process of the being child and also transition stage to being adoloscent. Although these two terms are linearly dependent, they have conceptual differences. In society, childhood process is affected by several factors; such as social, cultural or environmental. Actually child is headstone of the society. It enables to give more opportunity to growth or advanced in terms of social or economic conditions and impacts many aspects of future life. Thus, stage of being child can also be substantial and rocky road in formalizing of the child and also society. This is because,in my opinion
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They should always get in contact with their friends so their interactive and social skills can develop. If they can identify their own identity within a society thanks to external agents, they cannot encounter psychosocial crisis with identity versus role confusion in adolescence as Erik Erikson’s stated in his studies on developmental psychology. Thus,according to me, in the sense of children, identification can cause understanding themselves and the others in their lives. On the other hand, in my opinion equality in education system is the other issue. Because, differences between students such as powerful or not are not significant in their lives.Differantiating children in terms of sex, gender, race, age, language, socioeconomic status may lead to social disorder in the future. Because children is the keystone of the society. What educators and parents engrain in child in early years, will bring about some influences on society. Therefore, we should take into consideration all of situations and factors that may affect children and in this direction child should be raised with a huge caution. The other one is preparing teachers well.I think, to enhance students different abilities and skills, teachers should be more effective to teach students something in their educations.Thus, teachers should be highly-skilled and
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