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How Child Learn Language through Child Directed Speech (CDS)

Acquiring the language requires fundamental elements in order to use language for communication in at least daily life effectively. In other words, vocabulary is the prerequisite component before using language in more complicated level. Krashen (1989) stated that comprehensible input can facilitate learners acquire L2. Since comprehensible input is important to learn language initially, baby learning the first language is assumed that they needs input from parents or from caregiver in order to be familiar with the L1 and can gradually use the language later. Investigating how parents or caregiver provide input in form of utterances is worth to study because it can explain the interesting phenomenon defined as child learning language. A newborn baby normally exposes to the first language from listening mother and father’s speech for many hours before responding and
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These influential variables affect the baby differently. The first factor is socioeconomic. A baby surrounded with more educated and advantaged parents has more opportunity in experiencing greater vocabulary and has faster vocabulary growth in early childhood comparing with a baby surrounded with less educated and advantaged parents (Arriaga, Fenson, Cronan & Pethick, 1998; Hart & Risley, 1995; Hoff, Laursen & Tardif, 2002; Hoff-Ginsberg, 1991; Lawrence & Shipley, 1996; Ninio, 1980 cited in Rowe, 2008). Parents with high socioeconomic status including education and income talk to their baby in long utterance and more different words which leads the baby possess more vocabulary size. On the other hands, a baby living with low socioeconomic status encounters less varied vocabularies and language patterns. Therefore, socioeconomic accounts for one of the most important factor in
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