Child Abuse Case Study Essay

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Issues of the Case Study
From the description of the case study above, the issue concerned is child abuse and neglect. Joyce had experienced child sexual abuse by her now-absent father when she was a child. At all ages, females are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse as well as incest or sexual relations between individuals who are so closely related. Girls are more likely to experience long-term victimization by relatives or family acquaintances in their home ( ). As Joyce’s her parent fails to provide her with basic needs, she has been neglected physically, educationally and psychologically. In the aspect of physical neglect, lack of appropriate supervision and care from Joyce’s mother cause her ran away from home. Also, she is experiencing educational neglect as her parent failure in providing appropriate schooling and allowing her excessive to truancies. In terms of psychological neglect, Joyce was lack of emotional support, love and chronic attention from her parent. Thus, she always lost her temper yet
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Because of my family education taught me to be obedient to parent’s instructions and respect parent at all time which is view as traditional or mainstream in society, I judged her bad attitudes. I also felt sympathy with her young age suffering of her experiences on child sexual abuse and neglect by her parent. As I grew up in a well-being family, I cannot feel what she felt.
Theory anti-discriminatory used to explain the case study. Basic to the profession of social work is the recognition of the value and dignity of every human being, irrespective of origin, race, status, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, belief or contribution to society. The profession accepts a responsibility to encourage and facilitate the self-realization of each individual person.
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