Role Of Children In Conflict With The Law Essay

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In this challenging world, it is undoubtedly that an alternative measures to deal with children in conflict with the law should be integrated as one of important rights of the child. It is because if the child in conflict with the law do not have special rights and care, they cannot be useful in the society. Hence, child in conflict with the law needed legal protection and society’s support to protect them separately from adult, due to their situations, limited physical and intellectual capacities.
Generally, it is agreed that a juvenile who committed a crime at a very tender age, the time spent in a cell will eventually mold his/her behavior later in the future. Apart from that, from the observation, it can be seen taking a child through the formal process of arrest and trial is generally not necessary for first time low-risk offenders, and can actually increase the likelihood that the child will re-offend through the process of labelling. It is agreed that, the more deeply a child advances through the criminal justice process, the more likely he/she is to self-identify with criminality, and therefore re-offend.
In resolving this matter, the juvenile justice system of many legal systems
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In addition, the International Standards on diversion can be referred by looking at the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice (The Beijing Rules). According to this Beijing Rule, it stated that consideration should be given, wherever appropriate, in dealing with juvenile offenders without resorting to formal hearings and, in particular, identifies the importance of the role of the police and prosecutors in disposing of cases in this
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