Child Free By Choice Summary

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The article “Child Free By Choice” written by: Kelly J. Welch is one of the most sorrowful pieces of writing I have ever had the displeasure of reading. This article exposes how narcissistic both men and women are in this age. There is only one thing that is thought of by the people that do not have children, and it is only their own personal gain. Another of the pale excuses this article claims is that the men and women believe that the environment would suffer with an expanded populous. Yet another is the chase for the all mighty dollar. I will be arguing that to not have children is potentially robbing society of anything from great leader, to simply a great father. First I will delve into the complete and utter disgust I feel at the narcissism of the people portrayed in this piece. The only thing that is thought of by these people is themselves. The reasons are that they want to have “me” time with each other or they want to be free to spend their money however…show more content…
That money is more important than a child is absolutely revolting. I want a career, I always have but nothing was more important to me than having a child. It was not a choice for me but a fact of being. A person does not have to give up their career to participate in the natural order of procreation. If a person believes this they are delusional, and as this article has demonstrated there are many that suffer from this delusion. In conclusion to my argument against people deciding to not have children, I will say one last thing. These people for whatever reason have decided against contributing to the main values of the world populous, raising a family and creating the next generation of doctors, lawyers, mechanics, teachers and housewives. Nothing matters more to me than home, family, and raising my sons not only be the next generation, but contribute to society and leave the world a better place than what they found
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