Child Hunger In America Analysis

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Child Hunger in America

Anna Quindlen, author of “School’s Out For Summer”, noticed there was a problem of child hunger in America. “If there was, we would know about it. We would read about it in the paper, we would see it on the news. And of course we would stop it. In America.” (Paragraph 1 of “School’s Out For Summer”) But does that seem to be the case? Anna Quindlen discusses the problem of child hunger in America and her argument, while using her own evidence to persuade readers that this problem actually exists. According to her article, “15 million students get free lunches at school, and many get breakfast, too. But only 3 million children are getting lunches through the federal summer lunch program.” (Paragraph 5) So, the rest of the children whose parents are not able to afford much, don’t get to eat lunch during the day while their parents are away at work. Some kids just don’t get enough to eat, no matter what people want to believe or tell themselves.
“In most cases, these are not parents who are homeless or out of work. The people who run food banks report that most of their clients are minimum-wage workers who can’t afford enough to eat on their salaries.” (Paragraph 7) Most people assume that since a person has a job, their children are eating and not hungry. But, that is not the case. Most people also assume that since
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She made quite a few valid statements. It opened my eyes a little bit also. I had never really payed that much attention to child hunger here in our own country. The way she discussed the problem and the facts she had was really effective. Her evidence was also quite effective in persuading her readers of this problem. Even Washing D.C. is becoming a big help in making sure America’s children are no longer hungry; “sending fire trucks into housing projects to distribute leaflets about lunch locations, running a referral hotline and radio announcements” (Paragraph
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