Child Immigration Argumentative Analysis

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Another argument of anti-immigration groups is that the U.S. population is growing out of control due to immigration. According to the Census Bureau, the United States is growing at less than 1% a year, and this growth is fueled by newborn babies, not immigrants (Balkin 98). Population control is a poor argument for opposing immigration. Regardless of the modest amount of new immigrants as a whole, the number of immigrant children in the child welfare system has more than doubled in the past fifteen years. According to a 2014 Citizenship and Immigration Ombudsman’s report, oftentimes child immigration cases are judged without consideration of their parents, and children are treated as functional adults who must find their own legal representation and participate in interviews that use questionable interrogation tactics (Padilla-Rodriguez). Time and time again, a…show more content…
Due to this, bilingual education for children who do not speak English would pay off in the long run. Language barriers are an unfortunate reality and conflict for intelligent school-aged children. A substantial amount of Americans believe that immigrants are more likely to engage in illegal acts than the average citizen. On the contrary, most immigrants have no inclination to be sent back to the countries from which they originated. Odds are, they chose to come the U.S. because they were dissatisfied with their home country. Regarding illegal immigrants that reside in the United States, half of them are considered illegal because they have overstayed their temporary visa stays (Illegal Immigration 30). This does not make them criminals, this just means they do not wish to go back to their home country in hope for a better life in the United States. If an immigrant’s status is made legal, these workers could be just as easily absorbed into the economy. In conclusion, immigrants are unlikely to commit crimes, and more likely to devote to the American way of
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