Child Labor Argumentative Speech

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Good morning, fellow representatives of the United Nations. Have you ever heard about the kids who are working in a factory? The kids who were sent to the hospitals because they had many wounds in their body? Robert Bilincoe saw several accidents and one of them is about a girl called Mary Richards, she was ten years old and working at a factory. Her apron was caught by a machine, she was screaming desperately. When she was rescued every bone in her body was broken. (Jim Simkin, Spartacus educational #3) The girl grew up thinking about the harsh childhood that she had. Child labor is a huge issue that no one addresses. China is a country known for child labor, they let kids to work so they can improve family conditions. Child labor has many…show more content…
Everyone knows that education is important, by education the kids can change the future. Many kids out there are forced to work, which leads them to drop out of school. You the United Nations work about human rights and having all gets to be educated (UNESCO #2). There are some children who feel unintelligent because of skipping school. An article about human rights by Andrea Morly suggests that it is estimated that, out of 250 million children between ages 5-14 years are illegally employed worldwide and 61% are in Asia (Voice of youth #7). As China has one of the largest Asian economies, the issue of child labor is significant within the country. That is because of poverty in families. They don’t let their children go to school, because they cannot afford to pay the school fee. Instead they let kids to skip school and work instead. China still spends 2.7% of its domestic products on education, and that is less than half of what the United Nations endorses. (Voice of youth #7) .This shows China does not care about their kids getting educated. To conclude, education is very important and it can change our future, but kids instead in China are forced to go work as a replacement for having their

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