Child Labor: Causes And Reasons For Child Labor

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What is the dilemma?
The dilemma for capable business is how to address child labour responsibly given the intricate social and economic settings in which it occurs. While a business may try to respect the international conventions and national laws on minimum age there is the dilemma that dismissing children from work without considering the implications for them may worsen their conditions and situations. Eliminating children from the workplace may leave them susceptible to more exploitative work elsewhere and bad health implications due to increased poverty within the family.
Responsible management and the formation of innovative strategies to cope with this dilemma can maintain the right to childhood and primary education. For example, in some situations organizations may consider providing education within the workplace. However, if poorly organized, this course of action might expose a company to reputational risks. Addressing poverty and education directly - often the root cause of child labour - is generally beyond the remit and capability of business.
Reasons of Child Labor:
Child labor persists even though laws and standards to eliminate it exist. Following are some of the reasons of child labour:
 Poverty and unemployment levels are high
Poor children and their families might rely upon child labor in order to develop their chances of attaining basic necessities. More than 25% of the world 's people live in poverty. The extreme poverty in parts of Africa, Asia,

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