Child Labour In Vietnam

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As we know, slaves are people who are being classed as property-they are 'owned' by their 'master'. They are no longer is considered to be human when being owned by somebody and forced to work both mentally, physically, socially and morally harmful. Therefore, slavery is seemed to be illegal everywhere. However, it still exists in a manner way, despite violated deeply to the universal human's right including freedom from torture, freedom from slavery, the most inalienable of all human rights. Children continue to be enslaved under the threat of violence even in the modern days

The distinction between rich and poor presses those millions of young children off school and work their fingers to the bone all day long. Particularly
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"Vietnam has been doing our best to take preventive measures and interventions to protect those children and create a healthy enviroment for every child."
"Child labor should be eliminated as it deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and is harmful to physical and mental development," ILO Vietnam Country Director, Gyorgy Szicaczki, said. "This is a process which takes time. By having the first national data on child labor, in addition to educate laws that specify compulsory secondary education, Vietnam is showing its determination to fight child labor, especially its worst forms." Cooperating between Vietnamese government and ILO to bring children back to school, save them from bad condition and help raising the pinnacle of awareness on children protection in public. However, there are many other controversial ideas, did they really make any actual attempts to tackle child labor
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They are captured in indoor cannabis farms and sweat blood in buildings where doors are locked, windows are covered all day. Under the threat of violence, these children have to take good care of thousands cannabis plants. They are forced to agree to the claims of condition, lack of sunlight, toxic chemical is used in the cultivation process. Moreover, about 1 million in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Asia work in unsecured mine. Facing the death everyday seems like a normal story to them. Dust and deadly metals can damage their physical health entirely. Guessing about 500,000 children are slaves in the chocolate industry who are working in the cocoa fields (Ghana and the Ivory Coast). They are blocked by the gangs and could not thrive, they don't even know what is chocolate or how taste it is. Not only that but also other ways of exploiting children labor occur every second. Who is responsible for those? People keep blaming at each other while the problem is going to out of reach. We must eliminate child labor as soon as possible, no excuses for child labor. It presents because owners realize they are more docile, cheap and easy to do small tasks which require technical
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