Child Labor Laws In Katherine Paterson's Lyddie

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In the mid 1800s industry was advancing and children of all ages were working in dangerous factories. People attempted to strike against these rules, while some decided not to.
In the book ¨Lyddie¨ by Katherine Paterson, the main character Lyddie has a job in a factory with very poor conditions and long hours. Since this was only the 1800s, child labor laws were not yet established and Lyddie was recently introduced to her idea of rebelling against the rules for more rights. There is a petition going around that supports going on a strike and Lyddie doesn 't know if she should sign it. Some people believe that Lyddie should not sign the petition because she is less likely to lose her job or more importantly, money. Lyddie should sign the petition because if she does, her work could become safer
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Betsy, another factory girl living in the same facility says how long she worked at first. It is unfair for children to be working long hours like Betsy. ¨When I started in the spinning room, I could do I thirteen hour day and spare. But in those days I had a hundred thirty spindles to tend. Now I 've twice that many at a speed that would make the devil curse. I´m worn out Amelia, Were all worn out.(91)¨ Betsy pointed out how long the hours were at the factory and that everyone is tired and worn out. The petition would let the children working in the factories have reasonable hours. Brigid, a new worker at the factory, is being taught how to work the loom with the reluctant assistance of Lyddie. ¨Forget everything else but the loom.” ¨But I canna forget,¨ Brigid cried out. ¨Me mother sick unto death and no money for a doctor.(127)¨ Almost everybody working has issues just like Lyddie and Brigid. With the petition there could be more pay, or even less hours so people tend to more of what needed to be taken care of outside of
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