Child Labour Effect On Society

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How Child Labour Affects Children and the Society
Around the world, 168,000,000 children are trapped in child labour (LOL,2013). Though it is hard to imagine, child labour does prevail in some countries nowadays. A large number of children will lose their innocence due to their heavy workload. These children are forced into child labour mainly because of poverty. They have no choice but to take the burden of family finance at an extremely early age. This causes severe negative effects on both children and the society.
Children who work often face severe health problems. Growing in a poor family, they have not taken in enough nutrition for body growth already. In the meantime, they have to undertake heavy workload and long working hours. According
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In a short-term, it may gain some cost advantages. Nonetheless, on a long view, child labour will have a negative impact on the society. For one thing, child labourers are underpaid even if they work as hard and long as adults. According to Khair (2005), children receive pathetic amounts that are hardly commensurate with the labour they put in. These child workers become sacrifices of cheap industry and yet they are often taken for granted by local people. If the existing problems keep on worsening, the society will grow to be indifferent little by little and people’s wellbeing will be neglected. For another, child workers cannot afford the high fee for education so that they drop out of school early. This results in lacking social survival skills when they become adults. Because they are incompetent and can only do jobs which require little skills, it is hard for them to find jobs. Thus, chances are that they end up unemployed and cannot escape the vicious circle of poverty. Their children will probably be forced into child labour like them to earn a living for the whole family. In the worst-case scenario, they will be reduced to beggars and even thieves which do harm to the welfare of the society. Furthermore, with most children not receiving a decent education, only low-technology industries which do not attain high profit can be developed and the economic growth is little.
In conclusion, child labour causes damaging effects on children and society as a whole. Effective actions need to be taken and people ought to pay more attention to this issue. However, to solve this problem thoroughly we still have a long way to go. The interest of individuals and business needs to be balanced so that child labour can be eliminated with least impact toward the

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