Child Labour In Uzbekistan

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• Most of the children who work belong to low caste, untouchable, tribes and minorities.
• Labour recruiters go in search of cheap labours and they look for those areas which have poverty stricken, flooded, subjected to natural disasters.
• Around 120 million children between ages 5 – 14 are employed in industries, farms, mines and many other hazardous environments worldwide. Globally one in six work. One out of five children involved in child labour is paid for his or her work. It is child abuse. It is a denial of human dignity, future, freedom. Every year around 22000 die from work related accidents.
• These child labour practices are more in developing nations such as Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Uzbekistan is the second largest cotton
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The appropriate government may confer such powers and impose such duties on district magistrate.
• UNICEF urges government to pass laws to stop labour.
• The effect of child labour includes stunted growth and impaired learning.
• They often work in an environment that is hazardous and get exposed to risk. They get indulge in illicit activities such as prostitution, armed conflict, trafficking.
• As the children are not allowed to get education, it violates their basic right and because extreme social and economic loss to them as well as it affects the country in which these children work. It has serious consequences that remain with individual and society for longer years than age the age of childhood. There are two kinds of forced labour one is forced physical labour and other is forced mental labour.
• In developing countries, where poverty and poor schooling still exits child labour is widely extended. Sub-Saharan Africa has highest incidence rates of child labour. In developing countries children work for a long hours especially hard manual
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• Poverty is one such primary cause for child labour. Some cultural traditions where children or the successor have to follow their parent’s footstep or carry over their parents work get into child labour. Similarly years ago, education for girls was not given much importance’s and they were asked to do domestic work. Unemployment is increasing because of which they rely on child labour so that through this way, they can earn some sort of income which could benefit their family and live with basic necessities. The problems what children are facing in workplace are invisible to the world outside.
• The problem with them is they do not have healthy lifestyle and have no time to play like all kids usually do.
• Illitracy and ignorance by the parents and community is also a one of major

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