Kids Working In The Factories Dbq Essay

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In the industrial age many laws were enacted as of late, because of the rise and fall of companies taking power from government and state, many laws common place in the modern world, at that time were slowly gaining weight and of the time were detritus to the human society. As of what Elizabeth Bentley was questioned on, “C: You are considerably deformed in person as a consequence of this labor? B: Yes I am" (doc. 7). Kids working in the factories, one by one, suffered the consequences, and melancholy atmosphere that had personified the liabilities upon their human nature, burning through the skin, the bones, and the muscle that worked long hours, for the minimal sum. That minimal sum would only be a small fraction of the amount needed to feed and pay the expenses of the family.…show more content…
Hine shows the acts enacted by the child workers, top help regulate and subjugate the parts and motors for the industrial machine, (Doc. 8). These motors, would tediously be replaced and worked upon, as the child workers used the necessary equipment to do the job, however most horrid and unsafe in design. The equipment used by the children, would have unsafe part, which would be harmful for limbs and the necessary body parts to live a daily life, and until later have no safety laws to restrain the uses on unsafe work equipment. Continuing on Hine’s photograph the children standing on milk cartons, waiting as the day goes away, they work hard and strong as their brittle bones begin to decay from the strain of the perilous hours, low control over labor makes the pain grow everlasting

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