Child Labour Eradication

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There is no one country or region there is no child labour. June 12 is the "World Day Against Child Labour." Throughout the world, thousands of children are engaged hinder their education, development and future life of labour. This situation caused the child to cause intolerable violation of individual rights, persistent poverty, economic growth and equitable development suffered damage. The ILO convention on minimum age for employment Article 138 stressed the close relationship between education and the minimum age for employment. It sets the minimum working age is not less than 15 years to complete their education. Under this provision, most studies put people under age 15 are considered children. Would have access to education, health…show more content…
The region recorded most children trafficking victims, sexual exploitation, forced labour and hazardous work. Nevertheless, the actual number of child workers in Asia Pacific would be much higher as national household surveys and studies are usually based on small surveys. Children labourers are involving and working in several industries such as produce bricks, carpets, embellished textiles, quarry stones, dried fish, electronics, toys, sew garments, rubber, teak, bamboo, sugar, rice mills and shrimp industry and etc. in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. Generally, all child labourers have common characteristic that is no freedom, earn low or no wages, forced with threat of violence, sacrifice on education and childhood. They are from socially disadvantage group; inherit debt bondage and be bought and sold; lower castes in the poverty cycle and…show more content…
The parents should let their children to go to school. This is because, when the child is well educated, in future the child will have a better chance to improve the family economy condition. Besides, I may come out with a plan to educate the child on time management. If the children have a proper time management, they can go to school and work on the same time. I encourage the child to work in order to gain experience and contribute to their household income. Without the income, they may die of hunger. However, the child must find the job that suit to their age. Lastly, I will motivate the children by giving a lot of encouragement and positive thought. Hope they will not easily gave up on their education although the road to achieve the success is very tough. It will be very meaningful to me if I able to improve the child labour

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