Child Labour In Malaysia Essay

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It cannot be denied that Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country that different ethnics group live together in harmony. However, children’s rights are generally not fully respected in this country. For instance, child labour had become a major and most rampant issue in Malaysia where many children can be affected each day if this issue continues to grow. These child labour, mostly hidden, are forced to carry out works which are looked upon as adults’ responsibilities such as workers in industries, providers of sex services, beggars, cocoa production, meat packing, silk weaving as well as drug trading. Many of these child labour are young where their age do not reach the minimum age for employment. The works prevent the children…show more content…
Hence, the existence of child labour in family business makes it hard for the Malaysian government to calculate the amount of child labour and harder to find ways to place severe restrictions on the work of children as well as to implicate the law. Most of the families do not treat child labour as abusive where the child actually work for the prosperity of the family and there is no need for wages of their own children. They are forced to work for the family and there exists no time to learn new things as well as play with their…show more content…
The International Labour Organisation estimates that “… 246 million child workers aged 5 and 17 were involved in child labour, of which 171 million were involved in work that by its nature is hazardous to their safety, physical or mental health, and moral development. Moreover, some 8.4 million children were engaged in so-called “unconditional” worst forms of child labour, which include forced and bonded labour, the use of children in armed conflict, trafficking in children and commercial sexual exploitation…” in the year 2000 . There are numerous reasons that leads to the involvement of children in work. The poverty, children wanted to exert their independence, parents’ encouragement as well as demand from the employers are the main reasons to the existence of working

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