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rable working conditions and health hazards, inadequate facility for education and training etc. to working child. They have also studied the child labour in different occupations in Bombay City.
3.4 Child Labour in India – by Jinesh Chandra Kulshreshtha– Ashish Publishing House New Delhi – 1978
Dr. Kulshreshtha in his studies has conducted an extensive review of literature regarding child labour. Dr. Kulshreshtha found in his study that poverty has been the major factor for the prevalent of child labour practices in India who are occasionally misused by privileged class, it employers and contractors to hire them at very low wages and with no better working condition.

3.5 Child Labour in India – by Lakshmidhar Mishra – Oxford University Press
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Ltd. New Delhi – 2003
The editors highlighted the problem of child labour and assumes the problem got extra importance owing to the attempt to include social clause in the WTO agreement. Though the child labour in India found to be concentrated in specific areas or region and particular occupations and sectors, yet the issue acquires a new dimensions. Following the revelation that concentration child labour in India is highest in the world.
The problem of child labour in India is an edited volume consisting of 21 articles authored by both senior and young researchers. The articles are grouped in three Part–I consisting of 9 articles deals with theoretical and general issues. The author are Amardeep Kaur and Kuldip Kaur, M.S. Raj and D. J. Chauhan, Narain Sinha and Anil Kumar Choudhery, ReshmiAkhoury, Kapil Dev Singh, S. Benjamin and A. Kapoor.
Part – II deals with Regional and Area studies of the theme and comprises articles contributed by L. D. Vaikunthe, M. V. Narsimha Sharma, G. Hariharan, Madhuri Polk, R. K. Sharma and N. C.
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She has proposed some projects developed by her and emphasized to liberate child labour through freedom and education. She suggested solution, toward a better life for adversely effected child workers. She has analysed the factual cases of child labour in length and emphasized for need of new vision, bringing in politician, Bureaucrats and N.G.O. to improve the situation particular sector of the economy where child labour are employed. Here aresuggestions for those who want to do something for betterment of life child

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