Child Labour: The Definition Of Child Labor

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“The term Child Labour is at times used as synonym for employed child or working child. The chairman of the U.S. National Child Labour Committee, defined child labour as “Any work by children that interfered with their full physical development, their opportunities for a desirable minimum of education or their recreation”1
Distinguishing between two senses of child labour, V.V. Giri opined: “The term child labour is commonly interpreted in two different ways: First as an economic practices and secondly as a social evil”.2
Thus in a narrow sense child labourmeans the employment of children in gainful occupation which are dangerous to their health and deny them the opportunities of developments.
In the same line of thinking, Kulshreshtha is of the view that child labour means theemployment of child in gainful occupation which is dangerous to their health and denies them the opportunities of developments. The term child labour not only applies to child working in the industries but also in the children in all form of non – industrial occupation which are injurious to their physical, mental, moral and social development. This term include wage labour as well as self – employed children working independently as well as in family enterprises.
Poverty along with other socio economic factors exposes the child to manual jobs. Because of high degree illiteracy and ignorance of the parents, the children are deprived of getting proper counseling for building up their future career and

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