Child Left Behind Thesis

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An Introduction of the Topic No Child Left Behind is a wonderful idea on paper. Leveling the expectations for all of America’s youth will raise the level of education for all students, right? Unfortunately, the presumed outcomes hoped for by the government that implemented the law, are not presenting themselves as quickly as hoped. No Child Left Behind has been called an overly ambitious goal and one that will never meet its expected outcomes. This statement is true because of the factors outside of the school system that influence the ability of the education system to meet its requirements. The goal of providing disadvantaged students with the same quality of education as advantaged students is a goal that will not be easily met due to problems…show more content…
Now that the program has been in action for over a decade, the original ambitious goals and hopes set forth should have been met. Unfortunately, very little improvement has been made since its conception. In fact, Scott Abernathy (2007) states in his book that “No Child Left Behind aims to provide equality of outcomes. This is a very radical and ambitious goal.” (p. 2) Mr. Abernathy has been proven correct in saying as the goals have yet to be reached. The problems discovered at the beginning of this plan still continue to be obstacles. Divisions of wealth across cities and counties continue to ensure the division of educational achievement. There is currently no enactable system for correcting this social problem. With the large division in opportunity, quality, and even educational aspirations, underprivileged students and schools will continue to come up short of the mark. This pattern can cause other schools within the county to be forced to lower their expectations causing a lower standard of education in lieu of the targeted higher standards. (Stecher, 2008, p.…show more content…
Corrections should have been made over the course of the past decade when the problems arose. Now there are piles of complaints that cannot be sorted through quickly. The best plan of action at this point is to start a long chain of small changes. Radical changes will throw the system and students into another losing battle. One change that should be made, sooner rather than later, is more flexibility with curriculum and in the classroom. Students should be taught at the level and in the way that they learn best. Not all adolescents are engaged in learning in the same environment. Some need hands-on situations and free time while others thrive with quiet spaces and strict lesson plans. If the educators are free to explore the curriculum, then they can mold it for the student which would lead to better education. With more control over curriculum, the testing process would also need to be altered. Having a selection of test materials per grade as opposed to one set test for the state, would be helpful. The educator and administrator could decide from several tests which would be best for their students. This small change would lead to better educational programs in the classroom and more engaged students. This would also help to avoid omitting important information in the lecture due to “teaching to the

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