Child-Man In The Promise Land Analysis

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“Child-man in the promise land” Kay S. Hymowitz and “Unpopular Opinion: Marriage Will Never Be a Feminist Choice” by Meghan Murphy talk about many of the same things in different ways throughout both of the articles. In “child-man in the promise land” the main focus of the article is how men don't want to grow up and they want to live the fun life and drink and party with their friends. In “ Unpopular Opinion: Marriage Will Never Be a Feminist Choice” it focuses on women and how they should be against marriage and she goes on to give many examples supporting why. Does getting married make a man a man and is it really something that everyone has to do? In “Child-Man in the Promise Land” it talks a lot about men's lack of maturity and not wanting to make commitments.All throughout the article she focuses on man and how them wanting to live a single life and party is immature but not once does she proceed to talk about the women who do the same. The article is heavily focused on men who want to live the single life and live with their friends and party. All throughout the article Hymowitz is ridiculing men for this. Kay S. Hymowitz the author of this article clearly does not agree with this choice of lifestyle. She focuses so much on the men who does this but she doesn't say…show more content…
As where in “Unpopular Opinion: Marriage Will Never Be a Feminist Choice” the author Meghan Murphy is all about women not getting married and going out and living the single life. Murphy has a strong belief that marriage isn’t needed or right. Murphy strongly believes that marrying is pointless. To Murphy marriage has no real value or benefit. When she can just live a single life or just be in a regular relationship. She may be right tho marriage is not something that needs to happen if you aren't comfortable or want to. Marriage isn't for everyone. Not everyone feels it necessary to get married and have
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