Child Neglect Essay

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According to Janczewski, 78% of child maltreatment cases involve child neglect (2014, Pg. 51) and while childhood neglect affects more children, it is continually the least studied form of childhood maltreatment. Most research has been in the study of sexual abuse and more recently in physical abuse (Mennen, Kim, Sang and Trickett, 2010, pg. 648). There are several reasons why cases of childhood neglect, which are so prevalent, are not easy to investigate. Three main reasons why neglect is so difficult to investigate include
• The form childhood neglect takes
• The lack of a clear standard definition of neglect
• A lack of prioritization by social workers and the community
Neglect cases are “difficult to assess reliably because they
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715) Hearn further discusses that linking poverty and neglect would have political and social implications that make it difficult to address and that acknowledging that poverty and neglect are “intertwined” would create the need for “an intervention that would require a great deal of cost and a shift in ideology of many of those in positions to change policy and the way the system works with poor families.” (Hearn, 2011, pg. 716) Instead of focusing on the link between poverty and neglect often the cause of neglect is associated with other underlying issues, such as substance abuse or mental abuse. (Hearn, 2011, pg. 716) Hearn is not saying that these “issues are not fundamentally related to child neglect” (2011, pg. 716) but instead is concerned that they “may draw attention away from underlying factors (such as poverty) that also need to be addressed.” (2011, pg. 716) It can be easier as a society to blame the issue of neglect on a parental flaws, such and substance abuse, mental illness or even laziness. It is not as easy to acknowledge that the issue is directly linked poverty, a larger and more difficult problem to
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