Child Negligence Speech

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Child negligence is one of the biggest contributors to the number of child fatalities in this country. So, it is our responsibility to fight for the reform of laws regarding child negligence. Child negligence is not something small and cannot be taken lightly. We cannot let it be something that is acceptable in our society or in other words, a social norm. Laws regarding child negligence should be strengthened in order to punish parents who neglect their children to a heavier sentence, because child negligence can cause death to the child, it will also affect the child’s life forever and it will have a spiraling effect to the community and the future generation.

The first reason why parents should be sentenced to a heavier punishment is that child negligence is a serious crime. It can cause harm to the neglected children and even worst, in many cases, it resulted in the death of the children. Some parents say that an ordinary negligent is something common and can bring no harm to the children. Living in the fast lane, they say that they have no time to focus on every single detail of their child’s activities which eventually give the child an absolute freedom. Sometimes, living their hectic live, they have to commit an ordinary negligent such as leaving them in the car to buy lunch or even for a short meeting. However, based on research done by various experts, ordinary negligence can bring harm and even death to the children. Statistics show that among all the 1,760
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