Child Nursing Scholarship Essay

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Child Nursing will always be more than just a job. It is a way of life for people determined to devote their time to not only treating sick children, but ensuring their happiness and comfort at the worst of times. Caring for people has always been a natural ability of mine and something I’m most proud of. My passion lays with interacting and helping others, especially when it comes to the vulnerable children who just need a reason to smile.
Nursing was always the career I wanted to pursue but my experiences with sick children inspired me to focus on paediatrics. During my time in High School, I encountered sick students battling with a range of illness such as; Leukaemia, Alopecia and in one case Cystic Fibrosis. Emma, my friend was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at a young age, was hospitalised many times during her school life and sadly passed away in 2013, in the Robin House Children’s Hospice. I gained an appreciation of
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Waitressing has shaped me into the confident, open and friendly person I am today. I have learned to communicate well with young people, adults and colleagues to fulfil both the customers desire as well as meeting business needs. This vacation and weekend work has improved my team-working skills and made me more of an intuitive member of staff. Whilst the work place differs, many of the skills are transferable to Nursing. My work experience in Primary schools and Nurseries has helped me to enhance and build upon my key skills and learn more about the behavioural difference needed when communicating with adults versus children. I worked with children aged 2-12 years, aiding them in class activities and looking after them at break times. Much like Nursing, every day was different, which made it enjoyable. I experienced new challenges daily, which allowed me to develop my existing knowledge through applying it to subsequent
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