Child Observation At Swett-Winters

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During the two 30 min periods that I observed at Swett-Winters, I saw the children engaging in different social studies practices. The type of activity’s that they did for economics are selling play-do ice-cream cones, they “produced” more ice cream. One child pretended to be a cashier with this adorable little plastic cash register. It had fake money in it. After someone handed him money he would push buttons and pretend to fill a paper bag with their groceries. The objects that they used were, play-do, a plastic cash register, play money and an ice cream scoop. The type of activities that they did in geography were Making an animal out of play-do and then making the noises that go with it. They identified stuffed animals, like ravens and…show more content…
They fought over a block for the house but eventually just decided to share it. For self, others and community they picked up the play area together. Which is them sharing a responsibility or self-efficiency. One child just came out and said to a work study student “I’m a boy and you’re a girl.” Which shows self-awareness. Two children were flying ships pretending to be pirates. The children were pretending to pick apples. The children in the block area were pretending to have moustaches using a block. The objects used are: Blocks, fake apples, baskets and the artifact is a paper flag. The activity’s that they used in Culture, diversity and values/ global connections/ anthropology were: When the children were building a house it didn’t want to stay up, but one child found a block that would keep it steady. They were playing with small plastic bugs, and they were talking about where the bugs came from. They were making animal sounds and identifying what it was. Like for instance, a work study student asked one of the boys “what noise does a chicken make?” The child responded with “bawk bawk” Cutouts of people on the walls with different skin

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