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Brief Description of Child: Destiny is 5 years and 3 months old. She has a baby sister, Marissa, who is 11 months old. Destiny lives together with her parent, Mr. and Mrs. Ng, sister and her grandparent. The language that used in their family is Mandarin and English as her grandparent is English educated .Her grandparent take care of her since she was born. In the year when her sister was born, Mrs. Ng send both of them to the childcare center as their grandparent could not take care both of them. She started her independent life in the childcare center. Her parent will bring her for a travel every time when there is a long-term holiday.

Rationale for Observation: Destiny has been observed to be rather disruptive not only at home but at school and school too. She often bites her friends at school. She can speak English well in school but she refuse to speak English to her family member while at home. This observation helps teachers to learn and understand more about the possible causes for her such
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Setting: Destiny’s School Age: 5 years 3 months
Aim: To find out why Destiny biting her friends
Day/Time Immediate Context Antecedent Event Behaviour Consequence
10.00 am Snack Area Destiny having her food together with Siao Ting. Destiny bites her friend suddenly while teacher is not looking.
Teacher asks:” why are you biting your friend?” Destiny said: “Because she do not want to share the food with me” Destiny refuses to apologize to Siao Ting.
12.30 pm Bathroom Destiny queue up together with her friends and wait for their turn to bath. Suddenly Michelle cried out and said: “Destiny bites me!”
Teacher quickly came over and asks: “Why are you biting your friend again?”
Destiny answer angrily:” Because she does not line up!” Destiny refuses to apologize to

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