Essay On Event Sampling Observation

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Brief Description of Child: Destiny is 5 years and 3 months old. She has a baby sister, Marissa, who is 11 months old. Destiny lives together with her parent, Mr. and Mrs. Ng, sister and her grandparent. The language that used in their family is Mandarin and English as her grandparent is English educated .Her grandparent take care of her since she was born. In the year when her sister was born, Mrs. Ng send both of them to the childcare center as their grandparent could not take care both of them. She started her independent life in the childcare center. Her parent will bring her for a travel every time when there is a long-term holiday.

Rationale for Observation: Destiny has been observed to be rather disruptive not only at home but at
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Children are also unpredictable and emotional, they will show up different bahaviour in different places such as at school and at home. We might know the children more well if we seeing children through observation. Event sampling observation method allows the observer to analyze the predefined behaviour more easily. It is also an observation method which can be understood easily by the others such as parent. The method of event sampling is more prefer by most of the observer as it is easier to be use. The observer can go on for what they are doing such teaching inside the classroom and only record when things happened. Before this, the observer need to decide what is the event and the behaviour that want to observe so that the observer can record down when the event happens. This method can help to identify what or who might have cause the happening of the incident or problems. We can know what behaviour too looks for or be focused and the analysis will become easier. Although event sampling is prefer using by the observer but it does have disadvantages too. It’s hard for the observer to observe the whole group of children compared to checklist. The detail description in the event sampling is insufficient compare to the narrative
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