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For my observation, I chose my niece Chevie who is 24 months old. I thought that her birthday

would be a great opportunity to observe her interactions with adults and other children her age

during a festive gathering. It did not disappoint and I feel like I was able to gain significant

insight into the behaviors of this age group.

The observation took place at Chevie’s home with her parents, grandparents, other adult family

members and friends and 5 other children approximately Chevie’s age. The home was

decorated in a festive manner for an adolescent female in a Disney theme featuring Minnie

Mouse. There is a pink Minnie Mouse cake with matching cupcakes and party favors. A wide

array of food is available including an assortment
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When comparing Chevie’s behavior to his theory, I

do believe she has become self-sufficient in many areas. She displayed independent behavior

and wanted to do many things for herself, such as opening her own gifts with no help. She is

able to feed herself, as she did with her snack. Chevie also walks, talks and expresses herself

well for a 24 month old.

Chevie’s age of 2 years falls right between Piaget’s periods of cognitive development for birth

through 2 years and 2 through 6 years. Although I can apply his cognitive theory as it relates to

birth through 2 years to Chevie in that she uses her senses and motor abilities to experience the

world, his next period of Preoperational applied best in this observation. Chevie uses language

to communicate her needs and desires. She can tell her mother when she is

hungry and needs to use the restroom, which I observed while at her birthday party. She

expressed her anger at another child when that child tried to take her potato chip and she

verbally told him “no”.

I was able to associate Pavlov’s theory of behaviorism and classical conditioning to an

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