Child Observation Worksheet

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DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 19, 2016, approximately at 12:38 p.m. VENUE: Calkins Rd. west of Nichols Rd. / Clayton Township/Genesee County/ State of Michigan INFORMATION: On the above date and time I, Officer Stone, was dispatched to Calkins Rd. west of Nichols Rd. for a vehicle in a ditch. When on I observed a white male, Anthony Frank Defalco DOB 12/03/1957, behind the wheel of a maroon Volvo attempting to rock the vehicle back and forth out of the ditch. There was an unknown citizen attempting to help Mr. Defalco get out of the ditch. I informed the citizen he was ok to leave. I was unable to get his information because the unknown citizen was deaf. I asked Mr. Defalco what happened, he stated that he was heading east on Calkins…show more content…
Defalco from the Clayton Township Police Department to Hurley Medical Center. When at Hurley Mr. Defalco was still in two sets of handcuffs, no leg cuffs. I walked Mr. Defalco into the hospital. He was still angry about not having his glasses. I informed him he remember his cell phone but not his glasses to see. I informed the staff at Hurley Medical Center that Mr. Defalco was in an accident and needed to be checked out and cleared for the jail. The medical staff checked and cleared Mr. Defalco to be lodged. While waiting Mr. Defalco became angry stating “all I did was have a couple of beers and went into the ditch.” Mr. Defalco then calmed down and started joking around. While in the room I gave the blood draw specimen box to RN Anglea Wynn. She opened the box and removed the contents. I removed the right cuff from Mr. Defalco’s arm so blood could be taken. She used the betadine in the box to clean the area where the blood would be taken. At 4:29 a.m. blood was drawn, RN Wynn placed the blood in the tubes provided in the box. I filled the portion of the alcohol and drug determination form from inside the blood kit out. Nurse Wynn finished filling out her portion of the alcohol and drug determination form. She placed the tubes filled with blood and form inside the blood kit and sealed and signed it. The doctor that ordered the blood draw was Doctor Brouwer from Hurley Medical

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