Child Of God's Lester Ballard: An Analysis

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The human mind is a complex organ, as it holds memories, thoughts, personalities, and sanities. The normal mind does a terrific job in keeping these things in check, however certain brains do not have anything to keep. While it is trait found mostly in children some adults may have a similar blank slate. Child of God’s Lester Ballard is an example of such an adult. Ballard exhibits a childlike mind that is able to be influenced by others. The life of Lester is a tragic story of a man shunned by society and turned into a primal beast. Lester is very easily influenced due to his immaturity and childlike innocence. While hard to believe that a ruthless killer could have any connection to childhood, there are multiple supporting instances such as his possession of stuffed animals. After proving himself a marksman Lester wins a couple of stuffed animals that take first priority over his more deviant adult side. When his cabin burns to the ground one of the first things he grabs is the stuffed animals leaving his source of sex to burn with the home. Along with the rescue he also treats them like royalty in the cave by ensuring that they stay dry and in a safe place. Another instance is the first time he is given a sexual comment. While talking with a woman in the junkyard she makes a sexual joke changing "Just let me owe ye," with, "Say you want…show more content…
The loneliness causes him to seek companionship in anything including corpses. "he poured into that waxen ear everything he'd ever thought of saying to a woman,"(88). Lester grabs hold of the body and takes full advantage of the dead ear. He develops necrophilia in order to compensate for the extreme isolation and will do anything to avoid being alone again. This includes murdering many women in order to fulfill his urges of sex and of just being noticed. Being removed from the everyday world results in Lesters weird habits and
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