Analysis Of Terrible Things By Eve Bunting

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The article “Terrible Things, by Eve Bunting” is an allegory about the Holocaust and how no one did anything, and people ended up suffering. In the video “ Child of the Holocaust is about this man named Fred Gross who was three years old when Hitler started taking over his town. He talks about how there were so many good men that could have done something but they didn’t. The Holocaust happened in world war 2 and it was ran by Adolf Hitler a Nazi/ German. The Holocaust killed more that 18 million people in all. In the story “Terrible Things” and “The video Child of the Holocaust” has many facts, points of views from both of the author’s perspective, their word choice, and what facts they use to describe the Holocaust. In the story “Terrible…show more content…
The little bunny went to go warn the other animals and hope that they would listen to what he had to say. This story represents the Holocaust because The Terrible Things represent the Nazis. While all the other animals represent the people, and how they just stood by acting like nothing was happening. They were perfectly capable of doing something, they just did not want to. Moving on to, the author used some positive, negative, and repetitive words. One repeated word was “nor we.” This shows that if the animals did not have what the Terrible Things wanted they were fine and they decided to just continue their life until they came back. This relates to the people because they just stood on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do something about it. They let people get killed when they could and should have done something. The author’s point of view is that she is against what the Nazis and Hitler and what they did. It says in the text “Until the day the Terrible Things came again. Little Rabbit heard the rumble of their terrible voices. “We have come for every creature that swims,” the Terrible Things thundered.” This shows that she did not
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