Child-Parent Relationship In Shakespeare's King Lear

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All societies around the world are basically built on a set of relationships, but the most important of these prevailing relationships is the one between children and their parents. In fact, this relationship is the nucleus upon which the whole society depends and at the same time it is considered the main factor that shapes the individual's personality. Most scholars insist that the behavior of any individual in the community depends on the nature of the relationship which exists between the child and its parent. Keywords:: Fillial relational, Father - Son Relationship.And child- parent relationship Introduction Shakespeare is highly interested in examining human relationships but he seems almost fond of the child- parent relationship.…show more content…
While the expected role of their children is to respect and serve their parents when they grow old. But this child- parent relationship in Shakespeare's King Lear changes throughout the play. Finally, the parents discover the real emotions each child has for them. (Bach, 2003:4). Father and Son Relationships in King Lear In addition to Lear and his three daughters, King Lear also presents father-son relationships. Gloucester and his sons, Edmund and Edgar, express two different sides of goodness and evil. By looking at Edmund and Edgar’s relationships with their father Gloucester, one can see how the treatment of the father figure has affected audience perceptions of the concept of good son. In the story of Gloucester and his sons E. Doweden explains the following: The treachery of Edmund, and the torture to which Gloucester is subjected, are out of the course of familiar experience; ….Thus the one story of horror serves as a means of approaches to the other, and help us to conceive its magnitude. ( Houghton,…show more content…
As for mercy (V.ii. 55-65) In fact, filial ingratitude is related to filial relationship in this play, that it is common to find many sons and daughters who show much ingratitude and cruelty towards their parents. It was filial ingratitude which opened King Lear's eyes to the painful truth of the ingratitude of his two daughters Goneril and Regan. A. B. W. Schlegel comments on King Lear's state, saying that: The three field dignity of a king, an old man, and a father, is dishonored by the cruel ingratitude of his unnatural daughters; the old Lear, who out of foolish tenderness has given away everything, is driven out to the world a wandering beggar, the childish imbecility to which he was fast advancing change into the wildest insanity….( Wilders, 1988:213-214). According to Elizabethans, daughters should obey and submit to their father's authority. On contrary this attitude is broken by Goneril and Regan, who are refused to behave like good, submissive Renaissance women; both of them seem to be ungrateful towards their father. In fact one can say that in King Lear "the children seem to be ungrateful with their parents and the old must be destroyed by the young".(Mure,1965:liii-xliii). All the subsequent textual quotations of this play are taken for

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