Child Play Observation

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To prepare for a piece of children’s theatre I observed the actions of children. I observed how they talk and how they present themselves. When I am acting I don’t want to act childish I want to act childlike. When you are on stage the whole time you must stay in character, forget about yourself and your comforts, and react as if you are your character. I also try to act more upbeat and positive because I am playing a child and a fun character. I also underlined and highlighted my lines to memorize them. The last thing I did to prepare for this play was coming up with a back story to my character. My character's backstory was that she often got her way but when she didn’t she got upset. She started to despise her parents and grown-ups as…show more content…
It’s hard to know when the others are going to talk. It is also hard because it will sound messed up if one of us makes the mistake of saying the wrong thing and then we would be confused. We learned our lines and we were able to pull it together. We just had to learn to continue on. It is also important to rely on your other actors, but also on yourself. Another challenge was remembering my lines. There are harder to remember because some of the lines are much different than how you would think they were said. I eventually memorized my lines and I became more focus on the acting and blocking. This experience will benefit me in the future in my art because I learned how to act for children. Knowing how to act for different audiences will really help you in the long run. I have also learned how to act with more than just one actor one stage. Cooperation was another I learned and will help me with knowing how to work with other actors. This will help me in the future because it is important to have people around you who will help you succeed and do you best. It will also help me in the future because I learned really how to find your character and I was taught how to stay in that
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