Child Pornography Essay

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Child pornography cases in Malaysia is yet to become a critical issue, however the awareness about it and preventive measures should be taken into serious consideration due to the massive technology development and people are exposed with the internet access.
Cases involving child exploitation for sexual fulfilment has increased over the years and it is believed that internet child pornography is one of the main contributors. The unfortunate cases create moral panics especially among parents. There are five crucial ingredients for a moral panic being outlined by Goode and Ben-Yehuda in the book entitled “Child Pornography and Sexual Grooming” . First ingredient is an increased level of concern regarding the behaviour in question. Secondly, amplified hostility towards the individuals who engage in this behaviour. Thirdly, the widespread consensus that the behaviour poses a real threat. Fourthly, disproportionality between the perceived threat that the behaviour represents and the threat it actually and objectively poses and lastly is the volatility – the moral panic begins and ends fairly suddenly.
Thus, it highlighted the needs for children to be protected and how punishment can help in reducing the issue.
2.3.1 Theory of Child Protection
Child pornography one of the most terrible of crimes because it leaves permanent record of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse of a young, helpless human.24 Frequently, the photographs and videos produced are used to silence the
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