Child Poverty In The United States

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in development, and are not as likely to graduate high school. A shocking number is that every year the child poverty rate persists the nation loses half a trillion dollars. Patti Hassler the Vice President of Communications and Outreach for Children’s Defense says that children of color, who will be the majority of children in American in 2020, continue to be disproportionately poor: 37 percent of Black children and 32 perfect of Hispanic children are poor, contrasted with 12 percent of White children
Child poverty has continued to decrease very slowly over the years, but there has been an increase in the amount of Black children who are deemed impoverished. Hassler continues to state that “the younger children are the poorer they are. Nearly
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People recognize that this is an ongoing issue in the United States. There is no argument of if child poverty exists nor who it affects. It is clear that the child poverty issue in United States affect every person that is a part of this country. The argument is how to fix the child poverty epidemic. There are many ideas surrounding this issue. Statistics show that being married and having both parents employed is the best option for children not to become a statistic about child poverty. Although we see studies that show what is best for children it does not allows work out the way that is best. The implementation of tax exemptions for families who fall below a certain threshold is an effective way to decrease child poverty. Tax exemptions may seem unfair to people who do not qualify. Tax exemptions benefit everyone involved because they in turn will decrease some debts in other areas. The implementation of free child care throughout the United states is another way to decrease child poverty. There are many other benefits to having free child care as well. Child care centers can provide more than just somebody reliable to look after children. Child care centers can provide healthy meals for children who may miss a meal if they were forced to stay home due to their parents having to work. The most important step in making sure our nation flourishes is educating students and parents. It is vital that each child in the United States receives high quality education. The way that people exceed is through a solid foundation of education. Parents having jobs with livable wages, the implementation of free child care, Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Child Tax credit are all ways that the United States can decrease poverty rates. The solutions to child poverty still cost money. But, implementing them will in turn decrease other areas which the government is spending money because of results of
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