Child Protective Services Case Study

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Each day, the safety and well-being of children across the Nation are threatened by child abuse and neglect. Intervening effectively in the lives of these children and their families are not the sole responsibility of any agency, but rather the safety and the care of the children in need. Child Protective Services (CPS) was created by law to make sure children are safe and to help families create a safe environment for their children. When investigating a report of abuse or neglect, CPS seeks active involvement from the children’s parents and other family members to help solve issues that lead to abuse or neglect. The objective of CPS is to reunify parents and children whenever possible, and if reunification is not possible, CPS will seek to …show more content…

The case worker failed to utilize two important sources of information that could have made a difference in the verdict for the case ruling of parental rights and the removal of the kids from both of their parents. The first source was from Jan Delipsey, the psychologist that supervised the visit between Katy Krasniqi and her children. Jan Delipsey brought forth information to the court about how she personal felt about the disregard of the children heritage and religion being look over. She was concerned with the fact that the children had an uncle who had expressed interest in adopting them, but was overlooked by the caseworker assigned to the case. The caseworker replied to the notion with, “I have not, and would never investigate relative placement in this case, because these people always stay together”. Another source that was not used by CPS, was the testimony given by Barbara Halpem in Sam Krasniqi case in criminal court. Barbara Halpem testified as an expert witness on behalf of Sam Krasniqi explaining the difference of the cultures. She in great details displayed how Albania culture believed in showing affection to their children in bodily ways that are uncommon to the American culture norm. Barbara told how one of the biggest sin in Sam’s native land was dishonoring one’s family. Notably, CPS agencies do not work alone in maneuver case. They work with many community of professionals like law officers, health care providers, and mental health workers who are involved in the efforts to prevent, identity, and treat abuse. In this case, I would have made sure Tim and Lima Krasniqi were well taken care of emotionally and mentally throughout the investigation. Being a part of CPS, I would have looked at all possible options of placement, especially to respect their religion and heritage. I would

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