Child Slavery In Today's Society

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Child Exploitation
The men of today label the men of the past as barbaric and savages mostly due to the differences in which we use our brain capacity. The men of the past were living with unsanitary water, unstable governments, and would kill each other to claim a human being as their slave, taking men and women prisoners, but leaving the kids to live since they were no real threat. In today 's society, we don 't worry about other people trying to enslave us; we worry about making money. In our perfect democratic society we see potential in anything, even kids. In today 's world, there are more kids than there are adults which means that they can be used to make money. Unlike our barbaric ancestors, we know where the real money hides.
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Child exploitation can be seen as unforgivable and should have more coverage, but the real problem is child slavery. In our perfect world, we do not see child slavery as often, but it is everywhere else. For the only country that does not have Kid day, we are the most respecting and caring, having laws that abolish child slavery; however, that does not stop other countries from continuing their practices. Child slavery has never been an issue till the 21 century; before this, kids were required to work for their families. Ever since this act of crime was seen for its true form, of unthinkable abuse towards an innocent child; many countries have put up laws to limit child work and laws to protect them; nevertheless, people have always seen opportunity in just about anything and this is no inception. To think that slavery still exist is just unthinkable. In reality, there are 800 million slaves and 200 million which are children under the ages of 10. Most kids that are put to work against their will can be found in farms and factories, where they are beaten and given little…show more content…
With all the technologies that man has given us, we should be able to stop these kinds of crimes right? Technology has not stopped the expansion of child slavery and child exploitation, but has helped it grow to new heights. Around 63% of all the child sex slaves where were sold on the internet as 2010. Sex slavery is not the only thing, but child slavery as well. There are millions of websites that offer these horrific services found all over the internet not just on the darknet.An example of a website that offers these horrendous crimes would be a website that can be used to solicit sex and drug. The website allows its user to stay anonymous making it harder to stop the website and the
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