Child Soldier Argumentative Essay

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Have you ever been pushed out of your comfort zone or forced to do something? Well most of these child soldiers have to be taken from their home or to just stay there and die. How would you react in that situation? Most of these kids chose to join these militant groups because the commanders of these groups give them food. These child soldiers are plucked off the streets and use for meat shield and soldiers. I think child soldier should have an option to start a new life and succeed and be granted amnesty.

My first point to support my claim is that these child soldiers were basically forced to join their group or they would die. My evidence to support my point is that a former child soldier called Ishmael bael was kidnapped and then used to kill other soldiers. He knew he needed to obey his commander or he or his family could be killed because of his disobedience. Some other groups might say that the children wanted to join the militant groups. To be fair these children wanted to join because the commanders offered them
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A piece of evidence that reinforces my point is that if you give these children no chance to change or to open their eyes to what they did wrong. A point that the other standpoint could make is that being a child soldier doesn 't mitigate murder among many other crimes made from these children like torturing other soldiers. For example if you were fighting a war with your soldiers and child soldiers were fighting them and torturing them I don 't think you would want those child soldiers in your country. A point that could be made against this is that you can have these children be in rehab to change them to regular people to add to the economy. A piece of evidence that reinforces my point is that some of these children have been turned from rehab and are currently working jobs and sustaining

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